Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art Outside 2009 the 5th generation of AO website is up and live. Can't believe AO is 5 years old... check it out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

From facebook

Tyler Hanson I can't say it enough, this movie is amazing. I keep thinking about it one week later, it's in me head all day long. go see for yourself.
The Hurt Locker - Official Movie Website
Official website for THE HURT LOCKER, winner of the 2008 Venice Film Festival SIGNIS Grand Prize. Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty, Evangeline Lilly, Ralph Fiennes, David Morse and Guy Pearce. In Select Theatres June 26.
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George Dark Wad Allison

Yes ma'am...
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Chris Webb
Chris Webb
I saw the film about a month or two a hold of a copy and it is seriously one of the best films of the year...I hope people go out and see it. Such an original piece of work.
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Tyler Hanson
Tyler Hanson
To me it's how real the reality of war was portrayed. I felt like i was right there with them @ in Baghdad 2004 in the middle of the worst of the Iraq war.
Fing Nuts
Another note it's a war movie directed by a women. Non other than Kathryn Bigelow. One of the best war movies ever is directed by a women. I love it.

Kathryn Bigelow- ... Read More
# Strange Days (1995)
# Point Break (1991)
The Weight of Water (2000)
... aka Le poids de l'eau (France)

Did i just write a micro movie review...?
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My friend is sending his family to Ireland, and asked me for advice;

Tyler -
My parents are going to Ireland this September, as a present to my mom from us.
(She is of Irish descent.)
They are flying into Dublin and then renting a car and spending a week touring.
Can you refer me to any good places or good hotels or unique things?

And this is what i had to say-
This is awesome gift. Very nice of you to send them to the land of Ire. It’s a beautiful place full of ancient stones, loads of history, beer, beautiful rolling green hills forever, pubs that are really the gathering halls/grandmas home, the most slang of any European country, real redheads, if your lucky a leprechauns, Irish songs for days, stone walls, 1000’s of years of oppression, and beer served in pubs... Did I mention that they really like there pubs in Ireland...

Driving is def. the best way to see the island.
But tell em to get mentally prepared, cause it can be challenging, but nothing they can’t do-

Dublin is a tourist trap with loads of shopping, great old buildings, and tons Euro trash, it’s safe
clean easy to sight see and expensive. For me it is pretty boring as far as European cities go. The real story is out in the country, it’s in the shires and villages that are all so rich in their own history language story. There is really sooooo much to see on the island and it all varies from E side to W side N to S town to village to shire. And that is what Ireland is about if you are not from there, seeing stuff and meeting the people. And boy do they love to talk them Irish. The people will always be super friendly, say great funny Irish things and if you buy them a beer they will cook ya diner, or make you an honorary Irishman/woman for the evening, or ask you to come back to their house ;)

What I know about the island is that I love Cork! (the S.F. of Ireland) And West Cork is gorgeous.
One idea I would say is to get out of Dublin ASAP, head south to Cork where there tons of great places to stay and loads to sight see, Hang there for a night and a day and then I would head west along the bottom of Ireland and then head up North and make a loop back to Dublin. There are some amazing ancient leftovers (predate Egyptian times) and the coast is spectacular, and the strands (beaches) are so picturesque, ad if it’s “summer” there will be people swimming in the Atlantic, no shit!
So Here is an itinerary I found for driving from Cork west-

But that’s is just one direction, and you really cant’ go wrong any direction you go.

My advice is to read up about all that there is to see- like reading Frodo's travel or Lonely Planet websites would be a good start-

Set the trip based on things that sound interesting to them, but don’t make a rigid schedule, cause you should talk to as many locals as possible, cause they are always up for telling you about a little magic place they know about. And when they do, you should follow their advise and go see it for yourself.

Finally, and this should be the first thing that they read, they are going to have to learn about the Craic (Crack). Say it your head with an Irish accent “What’s the Craic there Peter.”
Cause in Ireland it is all about the Craic-
You need to read this for your own general world knowledge...

Ok That is what I know- this is also going up on my bog, cause I am trying to write more. So thank you for giving me an excuse to write about Ireland.

Love Ya
Happy no babies day

On 6/16/09 8:09 AM, "Peter Vitale" wrote:

Tyler -
My parents are going to Ireland this September, as a present to my mom from us.
(She is of Irish descent.)
They are flying into Dublin and then renting a car and spending a week touring.
Can you refer me to any good places or good hotels or unique things?
Hello all you people who I know all over the world. If you are taking the time to read this far, Then I say Thank You for caring. Now, I am asking some of you for a favor. If YOU know another human who lives in the vicinity of the geographical c of that that they call the Bay A R E A, which IS within the region of the state confines of the great state of California, which is part of the United States Of Amigos, ahem, Amerikas.

What i mean to say is that if you know anyone who may fit that bill, errr that location trend, then please for the simple love of laughter pass them this info about Simple Matters.

Now if you reside within this Area known as The BAY A R E A, then for the love of FREEDOM, COME WITNESS THIS SHOW!

No no it's more that a show it's...

But not like any theater that you think you know.

Simple matters is one of my favorite shows that I have had the great pleasure of working with. The reason being, because it is absolutely fucking hilarious, quite possibly, a really big mabbe it very well could be one of the funniest things YOU could see right now, anywhere, in this crazy waked out world. And I should know, casue I, well cause I''m Tyler... and I'm from everywhere. And I know what funny is, cause i have been places and seen things, lots and lots of things that "they" call art and theater and what not and and and LOL... HAHA... Dammit I know what funny is I TELL YOU!


Just trust me, on this one ok! And... Tell your mother tell your kids Tell your father tell your friends tell your family tell anyone you mighta sorta know Simple Matters this Friday and Saturday ONLY in San FranCisco!

THAT'S RIGHT EVERYONE. IT'S TIME, once again, to LAUGH OUT LOUD TILL YOU ARE SORE WITH DELIGHT AND WONDER. YES, The rumor's are true about this show, and those that tasted it's elixir will be back again for another dose. Don't miss another chance to see this rare breed of refined absurdity.

"Without red noses, five clowns from four countries take you on a journey through the miraculous unraveling of everyday life, dancing on the ridge between the absurdity of our current reality and a really good time!"

WHO - Noah Veil, Vladimir Levitansky, Martina Oskarsson, Kate Gibson, Eleni Zaharopoulos

WHEN- friday JUNE 26th 8:30 pm -- sat JUNE 27th 8:30 pm


HOW httlp:// for only $10!
just search SIMPLE MATTERS and select which night you want to go
At the door tickets will be $15

thank you and good laugh,
Tyler Hanson

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The First Viral Video... This was in response to a post on Olive Studios

SOUND OFF: Best Viral Video-
We want to know what is your favorite viral video from the web over the past decade... lots to choose from so give us the best!!! Sound Off in the Comments!!!!!

So I wrote -
This Decade! Well I will first start off with a soft lob from the
present with the quit possibly the most amazing fan movie of all
time- Pst... it's 40 minutes long

next on my list, I will go way back in time- 8 years ago, 4 years
before youtube was begging to become a house hold name -and throw this
gem in "The 405 Movie" from way back in the cyber cave age of 2001

BTW - "this exciting three minute drama, produced by Bruce Branit and
Jeremy Hunt, had everyone’s attention for a while. Since then Bruce
has worked as a digital artist on productions such as the hit show
Lost, the remake of King Kong and many others. He now has his own
high-end computer graphics and visual effects company, Branit|VFX.
Jeremy has done visual effects for Showtime’s hit Weeds and movies
Marley and Me and The X-Files. He owns a small visual effects studio
by the charming name of Screaming Death Monkey." so says-

But we really have to go back to prehistoric inter web days to get to
one of the first "VIRAL VIDEOS" , way back to 1992- when 2 guys named
Trey Parker and Matter Stone had just met @ the University of
Colorado, and made this little beauty - Forsty Vs Jesus Oh hell ya
this is good

IT was that film that caught the eye of FOX executive Brian Graden who
saw the film and in 1995 commissioned Parker and Stone to create a
second short film that he could email to his friends as a video
Christmas card. What a concept in 1995! Graden paid Stone and Parker
$2,000 grand, of which they spent $750 on the animation and kept the
rest for beer funds. The short anima is called "Santa vs Jesus" and
is arguably the first "viral video" on the world wide web. And was a
little bit of a chore to actually find on yourtube-

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am on a research tangent, hunting for the vocabulary in which to frame the manifesto for zee company.

Dark marketing n. Discreetly sponsored online and real-world entertainment intended to reach hipster audiences that would ordinarily shun corporate shilling. McDonald's is the latest mega-brand to adopt this paradoxical promotional tool, with an alternate-reality game called The Lost Ring, nearly devoid of golden arches.

But even those--even the best of the true art, must be sold, and to do so, it has to be wrapping, and sometimes obscured by the dark marketing arts.

The proliferation of new media channels may be overwhelming, but through creative media strategies, marketers can communicate more efficiently than ever before -- without shoving messages down consumers' throats.

Crowdsourcing is a neologism for the act of taking a task traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people, in the form of an open call.
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Over here there we are in cyber space.
Atlanta GA


somtime in June,
what are you doing here Tyler Hanson...?